Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city that as surely you know has a long list of tourist attractions that if wanting to visit them all you’d have to take more than a couple of days to enjoy them as you like.

But there are many ways to get to know the city, and not all are during the sunny hours, because when the night arrives the capital of Catalonia also has many charms to offer you.

Night encounters in Barcelona

The city has many charms that you can enjoy during any time of the year and others that are presented seasonally, such as the Sala Montjuic, an open-air film festival that is set up for a week during the summer and offers a selection of good films accompanied by concerts of different genres.

And this is just an example of the seasonal shows that you can find, and its why we recommend you that before planning your night in Barcelona, look for the shows of the moment such as: electronic music festivals (famous internationally by the way ), traditional parties such as San Juan or cultural entertainments.

One of the most emblematic monuments of the city and where your night is not complete if you don’t visit it, is the Magic Fountain of MontJuic located in the square of Carles Buïgas, a fountain that’s decked out with music, lights and water shows. The functions are from Wednesday to Sunday, usually from 9 to 10 at night.

The night route continues, and as many of you know, all cities have a history behind, and Barcelona is also full of myths and legends that you can learn on the night tour with ghosts stories, a  tour in which you will walk to through streets and neighborhoods while a guide tells you the secret stories of the city.

The tour starts at the Arco del Triunfo and ends at the Santa Maria del Mar Square from which you can head to the Gothic Quarter, one of the most popular for its buildings and also for its wide selection of bars and night clubs. Stop by La Vinya del Senyor and taste a cup of wine.

But there are all kinds of clubs in Barcelona, and in the Gothic district, in the Carrer de la Palla, you will also find Caelum, a bakery that offers a variety of cakes and pastries in showcases. The place has a second floor which used to be ancient catacombs.

Another excellent option is to head to the artsy avenue of La Rambla, which you can visit while enjoying stalls and street performers before deciding on one of its many discos and bars.

Another option you might like to try is Bobby's Free in the Pau Claris carrer, an English pub-style bar offering signature cocktails, craft beers and a variety of drinks.  

If you are looking for an extra experience the Pastrami Bar / Paradiso Cocktail Bar a clandestine cocktail bar with varied and creative drinks.