Barcelona is a multicultural city that you can notice when you walk among its streets, admire its monuments and when you get to know the native citizens as well as visitors from so many different nationalities that daily make the capital of Catalonia its tourist destination.

And that mixed culture doesn’t escape the gastronomy where the most traditional Spanish cuisine is accompanied by authentic dishes of other nations.

So if you are visiting Barcelona, don’t hesitate to visit one of these options that you will undoubtedly enjoy:

El Nacional

It is one of the most special restaurants in the whole city of Barcelona for its characteristic multicultural gastronomic of which they’re famous for. It’s a restaurant structured in four categories specialized in different dishes:

  • La Braseria: A space specialized in meat that has a showcase of maturation.
  • La Llotja: Dedicated to fish offered in 5 different ways: oven, grill, steam, fried and beef.
  • La Tapería: A perfect place for tapas in Barcelona with a wide variety of hot and cold tapas.
  • La Paradetta: It’s a space made to taste desserts, sandwiches and light food.

These spaces are complemented by its 4 unique bars, each dedicated to beer, wine, oysters and cocktails respectively.

It’s located in the heart of Paseo de Gracia and has room to receive more than 700 diners.

Paco Meralgo

Don’t be fooled by its curious name with which they make an intelligent play of words, because  in this restaurant, located in the Muntaner street, serves a menu of original tapas, half portions and montaditos that will be the delight of many, either if you go with friends or by yourself.

Its urban and minimalist atmosphere goes well with its denomination of Alta Taberna in which also they emphasize its Catalan dishes like the "Fricandeau" with senderuelas or peppers of the piquillo stuffed with hake, and you cannot fail to try the classic Spanish dish: Paella of fish and seafood.


But if for something is special the city of Barcelona is for its rich mix of cultures always present not only in travelers of so many countries who visit the capital of Catalonia, but also for its food restaurants from other latitudes.

When reading Oaxaca it isn’t difficult to guess what their menus are: authentic Mexican food made from fresh products grown in its own vegetable garden. Their guacamole is made at the table, and you’ll be able to enjoy a good taco with michoacan meat with Iberian pork or fish from la Lonja de la Barceloneta to Veracruzana.

They are located in front of Plaça de Pla de Palau, in the heart of Born district.

Torre de Alta Mar 

If what you wish is a higher experience, then this restaurant is a perfect option, located in the Sant Sebastia Tower over Cableway del Port Vell station, you’ll enjoy its mediterranean cuisine while admiring the beautiful view over 360º of the city and the sea.

Creamy prawn rice, hue Tartar, hake with its pil-pil and crispy plankton are some of its many specialties.

Can Culleretes

Near La Rambla, between Ferrán and Boquería streets you’ll find a restaurant that shows history, its origins date back to 1786 and since then they’re in the gastronomic scene of the city thanks to its combination of traditional cuisine and its good service to the costumer.

Its quality-price relation is excellent, and you can enjoy Catalan pork sausage, pork steak, duck stew with plums or sirloin steak with green pepper with mushrooms among many other delicacies.


If you are visiting the Barrio Gothic you cannot miss going to one of the best restaurants of Japanese food in all of Barcelona. With attentive staff and excellent quality of the ingredients that add to an authentic experience of the Japanese gastronomy.

They have a bar where they prepare the dishes in front of the costumer and in which sushi, sashimi and popular maki (rice rolls stuffed with fish) are the main characters. Not for nothing were they awarded a Michelin star.


The Peruvian gastronomy is always a reference when it comes to talking about good food with creativity, and in the Córcega Street is located Totora, where they specialize in dishes with smells, flavors and textures of the ocean, inspired by the north coast of Peru.

Cebiches, tiraditos and dishes where the seafood and fish are present but in which neither the beef nor the stewed duck are left out.