When it comes to renewing a man’s wardrobe, they almost always do it with the shirts, t-shirts and pants, without knowing that they also have to renew and not wait until their socks and underwear are frayed or worn elastics, perhaps believing that it doesn’t have the same importance just because these clothes are not exposed to the naked eye.

However the current man has wanted to take some time for himself in order to get ready, choose a good look and stay in the latest fashion trends. That's why here we leave some recommendations, types of socks and underwear to wear.

Nowadays talking about men's underwear is not limited to one or two models, in stores you will find different designs, models and fabrics, where you can choose according to your tastes, without leaving aside comfort and personality.

When choosing your underwear, you must take into consideration that the key is to buy the right size, which suits the shape of the body but fit enough to go comfortably because if you didn’t know, according to studies very tight underwear can affect your fertility.

Among the types of underwear is the traditional Brief, which leaves the legs exposed. This model suits thin but not very tall men as it helps them lengthen the figure.

For the most daring side is the slip, although it isn’t a regularly chosen garment because of the low of its court, some people find it very comfortable. It’s recommended for athletic men.

The boxer bears this name by the resemblance they have to the shorts worn by the boxers. They are loose and really comfortable, especially for those men with a few extra pounds. Although they are not a good option to wear with dress pants because you might notice them under it.

The Boxer Slip is one of the most popular because it sticks to the body in a comfortable way and they don’t usually move from their place as it can happen with the previous ones. They usually recommend them for tall men with defined bodies, but you don’t have to be a catalog model to use them since they usually look good in all kinds of figures.


As for the socks, it happens the same as with the underwear, is given little importance when choosing and we limit it to the essential, which is the one that fulfills its function, as it is to protect the foot from the friction of the shoe.

However you have to take advantage of this garment to complement a good outfit, such as combining it with pants in similar shades to achieve an effect on the figure that makes it look a little higher.

But the previous one is just one of the options, because for formal moments in which the socks usually are shown a little more in dress pants, you can combine them with the color or the print of your tie, and even with the one of your shirt, for example a light blue striped shirt with medium blue socks.


When choosing socks you should think about what shoes will you wear them with, and the thickness of these should be felt with a comfortable fit, the usual thing is to combine the thickness of the fabric with the one of the footwear, thick shoes with thick socks and vice versa. The tip is that once inside the shoe you can move your fingers with a certain freedom.

To combine them with suits, if it is dark shades its best to wear navy blue socks but the closer you get to the gray or blue in the suit you can play more with the color of your socks with lighter shades.

If your suit is smooth you can wear socks with stripes, but if it is the suit that has them then better go for plain socks.

As for patterns of rhombuses and prints you have lots of options, from traditional motifs with geometric figures to creative prints, these look better if the print is somewhat simpler so that it doesn’t look overloaded.

And in the case of white socks these are a better option for sports occasions, if you are going to go jogging or to the gym, in which case you can wear ankle socks or not very long ones.