This Christmas, don’t choose the first shirt you see 

Christmas is around the corner and if you still don’t know what to give this year, the first thing to do is to avoid that typical propensity of the season to buy things and more things simply because they’re curious or to get out of the situation at the moment.

And for men, increasingly in line with a free and authentic lifestyle, nothing better than receiving a real quality gift, that says: "This is made for you," and that won’t go unnoticed, is a dress shirt.

Too classy? Not so luxuriant? What's so special about it? Maybe with any other shirt made by hundreds and without personality these adjectives adapt, but here we’re not talking about a simple shirt, we’re talking about a Koike Barcelona shirt.

A lot has been said about clothing for men hardly changing over the years, that man's fashion is always the same, but for the ones who know, good clothing in men's fashion is based on innovation through detail, application of the fabric and color.

And Koike Barcelona has created, with the experience of more than a decade as a shirt brand and with a long family history in the world of fashion, shirts that have what many are looking for in this basic garment of every male wardrobe: elegance, comfort and a representation of our style.


Quality and good taste

You like to look and dress good, so what you want is that your shirt meets two key aspects: quality design and timeless style.

Design doesn’t only mean a nice shirt or an interesting pattern, there are lots of these types of clothes, but the design in Koike Barcelona Shirts is based on using fabrics of optimal composition to be worked with the expertise of a tailor and the creative talent of a designer.

This ends up being a shirt with a fine fabric that not only guarantees it will remain in the best conditions for years, but also, that it will not be only for seasonal use, thanks to its up-to-date clothing that gives the gentleman's looks a proportionate figure while it shines for its good design

Above trends 

Koike Barcelona knows the trends but doesn’t attach to them, they know you need shirts that you can use in any occasion, one that never go out of style, and therefore have that timelessness that only a good classic reinvented can give.

Shirts that are comfortable but don’t fail to provide that formal look that contemporary men seek, or with a creative and elegant touch with printed shirts and original patterns that invite even the simplest man to try a new look

Special mention to the denim shirts of the latest Koike Barcelona collection, ​​made with tenderness so that the gentlemen can wear it, in any of its variations, not only in a weekend outing but also in the office.

And you cannot leave aside the classic but contemporary cut shirts that accentuate the masculine silhouette, practical and elegant to match successfully with a good suit.

So, this Christmas, don’t choose the first shirt you see on the clothes hangers, go for a Koike Barcelona and give real premium quality shirts with delicate finishes, ready to combine in any occasion, formal, semiformal or casual.