10 male fashion blogs you should follow

Permanent Style  

Simon Crompton is graduated in philosophy, politics and economics from Oxford University, and he worked as a journalist for finance magazines while developing a blog about men's fashion, which was one of his hobbies.

But over the years his blog gained notoriety and gradually became a reference for men seeking well thought out fashion advice, until The New York Times and the famous online magazine GQ recognized the blog as a quality page.

He Spoke Style 

Brien Sacawa is a professional musician and elite enthusiast who couldn’t find a masculine fashion website that was both informative and inspiring, so he created He Spoke Style to provide quality content about practical, varied and classy styles for men.

They also offer travel and lifestyle materials from their team in Baltimore, New York and Milan.

With quality content for those men who are interested in fashion. It also offers lifestyles and travel.

Your Mirror Style 

Lorenzo Liverani is a blogger who makes sure that the essence of fashion is getting well dressed with careful combinations of attire that doesn’t hide the true personality of the man who bears it.

His blog is characterized by avoiding fleeting trends and is focused on outfits designed with dedication, creativity and experience to inspire his followers.

The gentleman blogger

A well-liked men's blog that focuses not only on fashion but also on lifestyles and highlights social events, venues and exhibitions in London and other parts of the world.

Matthew Zorpa, creative consultant and founder of the site who has collaborated for famous brands like Cartier, Chopard, Gucci and IWC.

Style Girlfriend

Styles for men from a feminine perspective, this is the blog of Megan Collins, who in the company of their collaborators will give you tips, tricks and shortcuts to dress well.

Because they are girls who know that a man doesn’t need to have a six-pack and an American Express to be able to wear clothes that make them look stylish. 


A blog with a line that could be classified as formal, on this website they make sure not to praise garments only because they have been made by famous clothing brands, and rather they pride themselves on having a stylistic criterion based on good taste .

MensFashion Magazine 

It’s an online magazine focused on the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle for men which covers a variety of topics since 2011.

It has been cataloged as the number one resource for those men looking for something more than just dress appropriately.

The website presents a visual aspect of quality and is run by a group of enthusiasts who will ensure that you optimize your personal style.


In this place you will find lots of articles on men's fashion, hairstyles, tips for facial hair and much more, made with the simple but functional objective of teaching men that they look good and not with tricks and intuitive guides.

Off the Cuff 

It is a famous blog and online consulting for men. Founded in 2006 by Chris Hogan, from the beginning OTC was dedicated to providing readers with information and advice on incorporating classic male fashion into their attire.

Gentlement Gazzette

The gentleman's gazette is the ideal place for the man who likes to be classic and wants to dress smart. Its main feature is that its fashion guides are not only made with tips and tricks, but also include a historical background.

The idea is that its followers acquire the knowledge to have the basic knowledge to dress with the style they want. They also include material related to etiquette, travel and even interior decoration.