The word western immediately brings to mind those movies about the old American West filled with dusty roads, locomotives and horseback riding.

As elementary the western genre is to classic cinema,  so it should be for your wardrobe to have those type of fabrics often used by cowboys in their daily work, and we aren’t talking precisely about pants, but a piece of clothing as protagonist as jeans: the denim shirt.

Before giving you some tips on how to style it, keep in mind that the denim look has earned its spot in the fashion world due to its long and interesting history that goes along with since before Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis invented the popular pants with the number 501.


The denim has arrived since many years ago, but it came here to stay, it has the advantage that it can be used in any season, spring, summer, autumn and winter without ever going out of fashion, and what's more, without going unnoticed when you know how nail this look with the right combinations.

Some people haven’t tried a denim shirt yet because they believe among other things that they will wear the same type of dense fabric of their pants, but no, there are treatments that make this type of fabric be softer and more flexible.

And many others still haven’t decided to use it because they don’t know the ideal time to wear this type of fabric. But think about these two combinations, both with a dark-denim shirt, and with a special detail such as a light contrast in the neck.

1) Chinese pants in pastel tone, textured brown leather belt with a classic buckle and lace-up shoes.

2) Light-colored denim pants, snickers and ankle socks, leather watch and dark glasses.

The first outfit may seem simple, but in that case the shirt will be your leading partner that will make you the main character of a semiformal look.

The second one is clearly a more casual option including some accessories that emphasizes how you care about your look, and that you’re a natural at it.



How much denim is too much? Well, generally speaking two pieces of denim clothing is more than enough. If you have realized this fabric looks good on you, then you will not want to exaggerate and use all your clothes with this fabric.

Double denim should be the norm when you want to wear more than one garment of this fabric, and the two better options to combine your denim shirt have to be the jacket or the pants, in both cases you will get an ideal look for casual occasions.

You must remember that the secret of getting a better look when using the same fabric is that each garment should have a slight variation of color and preferably with a somewhat thicker density so your outfit does not look monotonous.

So you already know, the denim shirt should also be among the basics of your closet, and as an advice, after washing, opt to dry it outdoors more often than with the dryer to make sure the fabric does not shrink, keep it always ready and in a clothespin, and you’ll see that you’ll wear it way more than you think before leaving your house.