How to dress with style this Christmas holidays 

December is fastly approaching with its traditional Christmas festivities and surely you already have in mind those special moments that brings this time of year. But also, you should start making the list of gifts for your family and good friends, and of course, the ones you will give yourself.

But we know that not everyone make their list on time and end up following the great mass of people who often buy for the sake of spending, and when it comes to clothes, they buy things that may end up using a few times and nothing more.

There’s a widespread belief during the Christmas season that you just need to buy new clothes to look good, but if so, you would only have to go to the first clothing store that you can think of and pick something up without even combining any part of the outfit, which will probably end up in a disaster.

So it’s less important for the clothes to look brand new, what matters most is the quality of the fabric and being very to your taste, but with the elegance of the clothes that this holiday needs.

If you want to go safe, denim is a fabric that doesn’t go out of fashion, although different garments such as trousers or jackets do tend to have a greater or lesser presence in each season as the case may be, and one of the brightest this year is the denim shirt.

Their first advantage is that although they are in the forefront this fall-winter 2017/2018, they never really go out of style and you have many options to combine them, jeans with dress shoes or light-colored Chinese with moccasins.

Urban casual style is an excellent alternative for you if you want to dress classy and somewhat creative. Striped shirts, as well as classic, are always present this season, and if you want a color according to the festivities, a striped shirt garnet color made with double fabric to handle the cold weather, which can be carried with some jeans.

Jackets deserve to be mentioned, coats and jackets for this winter, pay special attention to warm tones and don’t restrain yourself from using garments with some detail of lamb on the neck. In casual looks are great, combine them with jeans with a slightly worn appearance as a rebellious touch.

Christmas colors 


If at any time you feel like your outfit, formal or casual, has a cool style but you think it still lacks something according to the dates, you can vary the colors a little and choose earth tones, garnet or burgundy if you feel cheekier.

Military green has also become "trendy" this season, but be careful not to combine it with the colors above, it’s okay to have a Christmas tone but you don’t want to look like you are a part of the ornaments along with the Christmas tree.

Have your navy blue suit ready for formal occasions, too, but if you want to change it with a seasonal color, the medium gray is currently leading like never before.

And the Christmas detail for the formal look is on the tie of course, but no, we don’t mean a reindeer print or with gingerbread cookies, we refer to the tonalities we already talked about.

But first of all remember that besides wearing your look with class and attitude, dress also in joy so that you and your relatives enjoy the good moments and share the intimate bond you feel when you gather with your loved ones.