Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, there are countless tourist attractions that makes it the third most visited city in Spain. The capital of Andalusia has the largest historical center of the country and Europe.

So if you plan to make a five-day trip to this historic and beautiful city, you could follow these next recommendations.

First day

Go to the Royal Alcázar of Seville, it’s a royal palace of Arab origins, standing out the Patio de la Doncella by which you can have access to the Hall of the Roof of Carlos V or the Hall of Ambassadors, which is covered by a sumptuous dome with motifs ornaments.


One of its most important charms is its gardens, with Arabic, Renaissance and modern character, are composed of several balconies, fountains, orange trees, palm trees and a wonderful architecture.

This beautiful place has become even more popular as it was chosen to shoot one of the most famous television series today: Game of Thrones.

The entrance to this interesting place is free to the general public for one hour a day during the afternoon, but because of its large number of visits it’s better to buy and book the tickets in advance to be able to attend other schedules.

People usually spend fifteen minutes or even an hour to see the place, so after you finish with the Real Alcázar, you can pass through the Archive of the Indies, which is right next door.

The General Archive of the Indies is one of the most emblematic buildings in Seville, there you’ll find pieces of great historical value, there are always exhibitions and their entrance is free. If you want make a stop in your tour, very near is the Bodeguita Casablanca, a classic Seville option where you can enjoy a good wine.


During the after noon you could go to the Cathedral of Seville. It’s the third largest temple in the world, and it’s a monumental complex made by La Giralda Tower, the Patio de los Naranjos and the Royal Chapel

Prepare your energy and go up to the bell tower of La Giralda, which is accessed through thirty-four ramps through which you will cross its 104 meters of height and where you can see an attractive view of the city and the Guadalquivir River.

After this historic visit, recover your strength and head for Casa Morales, an old winery specializing in tapas:  such as the russian salad which is one of its specialties.

Second day

If you want to spend a day outdoors we recommend the Guadalquivir River, this is one of the places where much of the economy of the city lies, in addition to being the only river in Spain which carries out most of the river trade, not only in Seville but also in the  entire country. It’s an excellent option to take a stroll along this river due to its beautiful views, from here you can see the Giralda, the Golden Tower and the Triana Bridge. On the river shores you can visit the Betis Street, where you can take a walk through its bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Some of these offer typical food of Spanish cuisine and flamenco performances.

If you like to exercise, the Guadalquivir River is one of the best places to practice water sports such as canoeing and kayaking. So if you decide to spend a whole day in this important river, enjoy it and get the most out of it.

Third day

Starting this day you could go to the Golden Tower, which is located in the east of the river, surely you have seen it the two previous days, but on this day you can take a walk there.

Then you can approach the Maestranza, which is the seat of bullfights , this is home to the bullfighting museum, which is a fundamental visit if you want to know part of the Seville culture.

For the third day you cannot miss a visit to the Triana Neighborhood, which is located to the west of the city, a neighborhood often visited by sailors. In the Triana Neighborhood you’ll find a lot of places to enjoy and have a good time, including the Triana Bridge, which has a beautiful view of the river and the Triana Market which offers its own citizens and tourists, fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, flowers and all kinds of miscellaneous objects.

During the visit of the market you cannot avoid trying the traditional and homemade beer that they brew in the Taifa Brewery, as you can also taste the delicious and freshly prepared sushi tapas from Ostrería, which is just in front of the brewery.

And if you are looking for some leisure, just go to the last aisle of the market, there is the Casala Theater, a small space where shows for children and adults are often made.


Setas Sevilla: constitutes the largest wooden structure in the world

Fourth day

For this day you could visit the Spain Square and the Maria Luisa Park. The Spain Square is one of the best known and visited in Seville, it’s a large square, with a precious fountain and surrounded by a water channel.

One of the main attractions of this square is the provincial banks, an artistic and architectural set of ceramics in which each province is represented with an elaborate wall with its respective coat armor.

The Spain Square is located in the Maria Luisa Park, this park is the first urban park in Seville and one of the green lungs with an area of 34 hectares. 

Then, without leaving the park, look for the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs, which is opposite Plaza America, this museum is part of the museums dedicated to the diffusion and research of the anthropological and ethnographic heritage of Seville. It consists of four floors, of which three are dedicated to exhibitions.


Fifth day

And to finish these short but pleasant holidays, we invite you to know the Alameda de Hércules, is one of the most important walks of the old town, and the oldest public garden in Europe. The Alameda de Hércules borders on the north end of the wall, surrounded by poplars, and contains in its south central part two Roman columns with the image of Hercules.

In the surroundings there are innumerable places for a good Andalusian breakfast, or for any meal of the day, as in Eslava Street, where the Eslava Bar is located, which is the place where they reinvent traditional tapas and dishes.

And don’t forget to go to Feria Street with its Macarena Arch and the Macarena Basilica, which is a Catholic church that houses the Virgin of Hope Macarena, a venerated wooden statue with inlaid jewels. This is a visit that cannot be missed, as it is a church of great beauty and without doubt, an emblematic monument of Seville.