Autumn, that season of the year when the leaves of the trees change their color and the weather becomes a bit colder. A season often related with maturity.


But autumn is also the perfect season to wear that change of outfit now that the summer is about to end, and go a little against the traditional conventions of fashion to endow with a touch of elegant rebellion clothes that best defines you.

So, why not try a shirt with a print?

"Printed shirts, well worn and combined, are an option that is worth considering when dressing"

Some men prefer to stay away from pattern designs because they think they will seriously detract from their attire. This isn’t correct, because if you hear about patterns shirts and the first thing that comes to mind is an extra large shirt with hawaiian motifs, then you should know is not always like that.

Printed shirts, well worn and combined, and made with the same attention to detail as with your favorite plain shirts, are an option that is worth considering when dressing.


Floral pattern printed shirt, denim classic cut pants, both in blue color palette, brown leather belt and matching suede shoes. A casual and fresh look without the need of accessories and with the help of a good haircut is ideal for a get out weekend.


Flowers don’t necessarily have to be something exclusively for feminine gender or something juvenile as some may suggest, in fact it is among the last tendencies that have gained popularity in the masculine fashion world since a couple of years ago and it’s still is fashion in this autumn-winter 2017/2018.

They’re still trending probably because they really are not as difficult to combine as they may seem and its less difficult if you choose one with a tonality according to the color of the season, so, there you have another idea: blue shirt with floral patterns, and if you miss the warm characteristic tones of autumn, select one in which the flower of the pattern is the one that exhibits it.

This combination of shirt creates an interesting contrast, so you’ll wish not to wear pants with many details or very dense, so go for a plain and a lighter color that makes the shirt stand out.


If you don’t want to look like someone who is visiting an unknown city, and make you seem like you only need a camera hanging around your neck to take pictures of everything, the secret is to know how many printed clothing can you use.

A tip that will make you look like someone who not only knows your city but also knows how to dress with class is to choose clothing items like plain pants of a single color, and simple shoes, without many accessories.

A jacket? Why not, but with the same simple style that makes your outfit not seem overloaded.

After all, the printed shirt doesn’t have to be a complement. It’s a valid option to use it open and with a pole underneath the shirt, but if you do not dare to try another combination you’ll be reflecting that you like the pattern but you’re not sure enough that’s the emblem of your outfit.

This autumn’s dress code is to use it buttoned up, and play with it depending on the occasion, sleeves slightly rolled up, an open button, the contrast of colors ... those are the techniques you should use this season.