Menswear trends for 2018



It seems like we've got enough already with the same old shirts as always, it almost makes us feel like we have a cartoon wardrobe. It's not the first time that you've seen in the mirror and you've told yourself it's time to change up your style a little, but as every other time, you don't step out of your comfort zone and decide to use the same dress shirts you've been using all year.

It's not necessary to create a new style or to skip fashion conventions with transgressive proposals. If what you desire is to give a touch of variety to the clothes that define you, then you should start to consider other options in dress shirts with trends that are in vogue for 2018.

Indigo and Mao collar shirts

Yes, of course, english collar has often been associated to dress shirts, but there's the existence of other styles such as the mao collar, or mandarin collar, which is inspired in the age of the imperial China and since a couple of years ago it's been a famous option which combines the elegance of a dress shirt and the comfort of a casual shirt. It's quite ideal for summer days or meetings near the coast.

Like the collar, the Indigo color is one of the lines that continue to take importance. The Indigo, is a dark blue and violet dye that is extracted from the stems and leaves of the Indigo shrub. 

White dress shirts

This powerful piece of men clothing can be combined with a bunch of other pieces. They match with basically every other single color, and as if that wasn't enough, they can adapt to almost any situation, from casual outings to semi-formal meetings, don't you think so? 

Cotton shirts

It's the king of fabrics due to the comfort it offers and how fresh they keep you. Besides, they have the advantage of being a durable fabric that can be dyed at home to achieve that perfect color that's impossible to find in stores.

Slim fit dress shirts

Contrary to belief, you don't need to have an athlete's body to use this kind of dress shirts. They adjust to the sleeves, back and chest and then go down to the waist with  a little less fabric than common shirts. Therefore, it gives a youthful look for men.

There are also the elegant ones that can be accompanied with a not so wide tie, which you can use for a formal event, or curious patterns that will give you the creativity often seen in casual t-shirts with the casual look of a dress shirt.

Striped dress shirt

Do you think stripes are nothing new? There are fashion trends that stay and others that come back as the last novelty of the moment. Vertical striped dress shirts can be a classic but try combining them with elegant pants and you'll certainly have the appearance of a boss.

Navy dress shirts

The nautical look has returned and many already exhibit their shirts of vertical stripes for casual moments and navy blue shirts if it's a formal encounter.

You see, there are many other options you could try to achieve that change you wish in your style, and there isn't a more important piece of clothing than a dress shirt to make you take that step, it'll be your opportunity on those times when your clothes say as much as your personality does.

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*Fotograph source Gentleman's Gazette, Pinterest, Hypebeast, Pinterest