Bow tie or tie, more than accessories

When we talk about accessories and it comes to dress we find a great variety and in this case we will talk about two that can always be the touch of elegance for your wardrobe such as the bow tie and the tie.

But sometimes we wonder which of these two are better and at what time we can use them. Whatever your decision is, the important thing is to feel comfortable, and to make the difference with your own style.

Bow tie

When following fashion, we can see that the use of a bow tie has been marking the latest trends while being an elegant addition but also becoming fun and colorful, depending on the look you wear at the time.

¿When is appropriate to use bow tie? Normally bow ties are used when dressing in a tuxedo, which is the representation of the distinction when dressing formal. 

Also it is constantly related to take it in great occasions, like ceremonies, weddings or very elegant parties. The bow tie matches very well with long sleeve shirts, dress pants and preferably with a jacket.

And if you want to draw attention in a casual outing or go for a drink, you can also use a bow tie, wool or cotton, which are suitable for wearing on this type of casual occasions and gives your outfit a bold touch. 

Those skilled in the use of bow ties are hipsters, if you ever feel tempted to combine a vintage or retro style outfit, the bow tie is one of your best choices.


No need of a presentation, if you’re classier and you feel that the bow tie doesn’t go well with your style and personality, then don’t hesitate to continue wearing ties, which always go excellent with formal occasions but can be adapted to even casual occasions if your attire is more relaxed. 

An ideal complement to any time of day and you will find them in so many colors, prints and fabrics that there are many men who like to arm a wide selection to vary them daily. 

But you need to know the basic tips to combine them in the best way:

  • Generate contrast, if you wear a dark shirt it would be ideal to wear a light-colored tie.
  • Avoid neckties that are too wide and make sure the length of the necktie is just right where your belt begins.
  • When wearing printed or striped shirts, wear plain ties, and in the case of plain shirts, you can wear a tie with a print or a creative yet elegant design.
  • Learn the basic knots like simple, Double, Windsor and half Windsor, these are the most used and if you are especially skilled with them you can try other alternative knots.
  • Remember that wide knots are best with the most open neck shirts and vice versa.
  • If you want to wear a particularly tight tie, these look better with notched shirts.
  • Before going for those original neckties you must have several in plain colors and some of stripes and dots.

All pictures from Pinterest