If you’re into technology and those special gadgets that every year find a way to innovate peoples lifestyle, these 2017 improving gadgets are some of those that have become popular for different situations: an afternoon at home, a jogging, a few hours of fun or even when you go on a trip.

Casio outdoors watch

The well-known brand has made a collection of watches which can adapt to the needs of an outdoor trip: the PRO TREK. They count with the Android Wear system that you can install on a Smartphone to have a good number of useful applications preinstalled for when you are outdoors. It has 4GB of internal memory and 512MB of RAM.

Norton Core Router


The new Symantec router is a device with a particular design which has an application that can be controlled from your phone. Its main feature is that it evaluates in real time the connection network and all the devices that have access to it to detect possible security threats.

Smart Assistant

Rokid Pebble's smart assistant plays music, organizes calendars, and lets you control other smart devices in your home with your voice. It has a futuristic design that has a face and voice detector to change its activities depending on the user.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote

A universal digital remote control with touch screen that adapts its configuration depending on the device to which we point and with which it has been linked like televisions, multimedia players, intelligent lamps or consoles, among many others.

Kingston Data Traveler Ultimate GT

Kingston's USB memory has always been of good quality, but if you need to carry a lot of information without resorting to external hard drives, the new Data Traveler Ultimate GT are small but store up to 2 terabyte, which is equal to more than 700,000 photos or more than 70 hours of high-definition video.


This gadget will transform the traditional screen of your MacBook into a touch screen. It’s a bar that connects via USB, place it just below the screen and detect the movement of your fingers on the screen, or even a brush, so you can perform activities that require much more precision than the one you can achieve with the mouse.


SNES Mini Nintendo made a mini version of the classic NES which was a sales success, but with the SNES just released this 2017, it showed how old gamers are counted in millions. Its design is made to fit in the palm of the hand, it brings two controls and several preloaded classic games like Super Mario World, StarFox 2 or The Legend of Zelda.

Polaroid Pop                                                                    

It’s sure that you remember the famous Polaroid cameras with which you could get a snapshot at the moment, because in 2017 they have created Polaroid Pop, a digital camera that not only allows you to take pictures of up to 20 megapixels, but also you can print them from the same device in high-quality thanks to the modern ZINK system that uses heat to activate dye crystals embedded in the paper.

Training bracelets

Gear Fit 2 is the name of the bracelet made by Samsung and created to use it in your exercise routine. This band will monitor your physical activity, is water resistant and includes a bunch of sports applications of the company itself.

BlueSmart suitcase

Its likely that you’ve heard about smartphones, but smart cases? Well, they are here already. It’s the ideal suitcase to accompany people on their travels of pleasure or business.

The Bluesmart Case, has a series of features that makes it special: your location by GPS, which you can consult on your Smartphone. It also has a recharge battery for your phone or laptop, sensor of how much weight you have put on your luggage, and more.  

It’s water resistant, comfortable to carry and because of its dimensions some airlines accept them as hand luggage.