egardless of whether you have a few extra pounds or if you’d like to gain some more muscle mass, if you are much higher than average or if on the contrary the size "m" is already big for you, there is no reason why you cannot wear quality clothes if you know what to wear and on what occasion.

It’s normal to worry about the clothes you wear if you’re not sure of what your correct size is, because it looks very loose or because it fits more than necessary.

Maybe you aren’t aware of some dress codes tips according to your body type and that’s one of the first things you should know before picking a shirt or pants that you like simply by its design, which is also important but must be accompanied by certain keys to keep in mind.


There are three types of physical complexion in men: thin, thick and muscular, or also known as ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph respectively. Determining what type we belong to, is easy if you stand in front of a mirror.



1. Thin:

One of the most common mistakes of thin men when it comes to choosing clothes is to opt for larger sizes than they really should be worn, when the ideal is, unless you want to give the impression that you are going in Hip Hop style, use the size according to your body or even play with slightly adjusted garments on certain occasions.

What you want when you’re a thin man is that what you wear on your top  doesn’t make you go unnoticed, but if you want to hide your thin appearance a little, don’t go one or two sizes higher, that will generate just the opposite effect you are looking for.

Instead, choose clothes with some detail that add a little more volume to your outfit, such as shirts or jackets with bellows pockets for casual occasions, and if it is something formal, play with layers of clothing: shirt, tie, vest, and sac.

2. Thick: 

    You can transmit joviality and energy with right measuring clothes, which means that you don’t have to follow the teenage fashion of extra large clothes. Instead, go for lightweight fabrics and smooth manufacturing.

    This doesn’t mean you cannot use prints, but in your case, the best patterns to wear will be simple, and if you’ve been told that only black has the ability to make a visual reduction of your size, try a thin striped shirt.

    Remember, when you’re a little chubby, you shouldn’t expect your clothes to change the way your body looks, on the contrary, the secret of dressing well with a few extra pounds is to look proportionate and balanced.

    3. Muscular:

    While the complexions just seen above are often mistaken when choosing clothing, for many mesomorphic men, the desire to define muscles through clothing is not exactly the right thing.

    It isn’t because you have this type of body, it’ll make you look constrained in your clothes, which in no way reflects good style. It’s recommended that your clothes and specifically your shirts allow you freedom when you move.

    "There is no reason why you cannot wear quality clothes if you know what to wear and on what occasion."