Inspire yourself with celebrities looks

When it comes to dressing and choosing your look, the first thing to do is an analysis of what suits you according to your personality.

But many times what you need is a new idea, take inspiration to adapt it to your style and find an extra touch of elegance and why not? Even make your outfit a little more fun.

So, what better than to come up with that longed-for combination of celebrities who are often fashion icons.

Robert Pattinson

Beginning with Robert Pattinson’s style, the famous protagonist of the saga Twilight, in his day to day usually takes a casual look and wears outfits that show little effort.

Among his daily clothes you can see him wearing wide pants, preferably jeans, V-shaped shirts and leather jackets with sneakers. Another of his favorite garments is the use of the Levite bags.

As accessory and part of his day to day he wears a cap preferably wool and dark glasses which gives a touch of mystery.

Ryan Gosling

If you want to add a touch of elegance and at the same time casual to your look, take a walk through the outfits of this actor. Among his favorite garments are custom-made suits, and he knows that basic clothing should never be missing in his wardrobe like the classic white dress shirt.

On casual occasions, he often wears t-shirts with prints on the front, jeans pants, boots and an accessory you can always see him with is a chain, watch and sunglasses.

Johnny Depp

The style of this versatile actor, famous for playing Captain Jack Sparrow in the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean, is bohemian, somewhat disorderly, carefree and with a touch of mischief.

You will always see him in baggy shirts, preferably in dark tones, jackets and wide pants that give you the comfort to wear his worn boots, which are one of the many garments of his choice. For more formal days he is assiduous to wear loose suits with wide lapels.

And if we talk about what he likes to wear, this actor gives a lot of importance to the accessories, which marks his style very well, glasses, scarves, rings, chains, leather bracelets and hats.

So if you dare to wear a slightly extravagant look, this actor would be the best to inspire you when it comes to dressing.


Justin Timberlake.

This multifaceted actor and singer has a varied style, ranging from the formal to the sporty.

You can see it with clothing rather formal but accompanied by casual pieces, with a successful use of hats and glasses.

He likes to wear fitted jackets, jeans, and three-piece suits that preferably are combined with light shirts. His favorite garment is the vest.

George Clooney

Actor, director, producer and winner of two Oscars. His look is classic, elegant and very well taken care of.

The long waist bags are one of his favorite garments, which can be combined with a shirt and even with sweaters, depending on the occasion.

For special events he wears elegant suits or tuxedos from designers such as Gucci and Armani.

When it comes to putting on a casual but classic touch, he chooses to wear suits without a tie and unbuttoned shirts.

For more informal moments he goes for jeans, polo-type flannel, complemented with a leather jacket.