Let your beard speak well about you

One of the most characteristic elements of the physical appearance of a man is facial hair, since ancient times its use has had various social, cultural and religious meanings, and even today many of them remain in force. And many more men than those who think they like to take care of themselves, look good and fashionable.

If we talk about beard in recent years, this is still in the forefront, so if you dare to let your beard grow or you already have one, then follow these recommendations to know the terms of care, grooming and of course to properly choose the type of beard that suits your face type.

Three days beard, this beard is perfect for all those who do not like to shave every day, it is easy to maintain and often give a very masculine image.

The padlock is a style of beard that always returns to the trends every so often, the trick is to maintain a defined and symmetrical line along where beard and mustache meet.

Unlike the previous one, the knob, in which the hair is only allowed to grow under the chin, never goes out of style, this style is characterized by letting only grow the hair below the lower lip, or in the company of a mustache but without them joining.

They can be thin or even thicker, that extend to the line of the chin but without reaching the sideburns, the important thing is to keep them well profiled so that they maintain their shape.

Full short beards or medium thickness are a great option and look great if you regularly reduce it. This type of beard is characterized by having hair throughout the area, you must keep the neckline well shaved while that of the cheeks can be left with their natural growth according to your taste.

The full long beard is a style that does not suit all men, have been in vogue for a good season but it is difficult not to relate to a careless and very sloppy look unless you can pamper it very often and prune it as an ornamental tree that maintains its form.

In the beard ribbon, the hair will go from the sideburns, through the jaw to reach the chin, this type of beard can be customized to the width you want and are ideal if you don't have a regular mustache. 

Types of face

Square faces do not necessarily have to soften their features as they recommend, in fact if you have a face like this you can take advantage of its defined contours with beards that focus more on the mouth and chin area such as the knob or padlock (try to keep it rather with a slight curve at the sides, straight lines and your chin brings).

For a rounded face the ideal is to take advantage of beard styles with straight cuts, that gives the impression that your face is a bit more elongated, for this type of face you should sharpen the chin on the chin and keep it short at the height of the cheeks to give longer face.

Men with elongated faces should keep their beards short and in equal proportions, and avoid very long beard styles or pointy knobs unless you want to give the impression that you are a wizard taken from a fantasy movie. These types of faces combine with complete,  but not very abundant, beards to keep your face from looking longer.

For those faces with a hearted shape or inverted triangle the advisable thing is a complete beard, that'll give the impression of a more square jaw.  Short or abundant, follows the tip of not shaving the hair under the chin so that this one looks more thick. 

Retouch your facial hair

According to the features of your face or the style that you'd like to wear, we should give the same importance or more to the care and hygiene of it.

Primarily one of the things that you must take into account on the care of the beard is to have a good electric razor that allows you to cut your beard when it is very long and leave it uniform according to the thickness of your preference. Adequate hygiene is essential, the beard is like hair, you need to wash it with the same assiduity with which you bathe, but if you want to treat it like your hair, you should use special shampoos and conditioners to obtain a deep cleaning that does not provoke irritations on the skin of the face. In addition there are also natural oils designed to brighten facial hair, soothe itching, moisturize the skin of the face and soften the hair. A tips to appreciate more the design or shape of the beard, is to comb it after showering and before leaving home, wash your beard and comb it to look orderly and impeccable. With all these recommendations and care you'll have to look like a perfect beard, well groomed and above all; attractive.