Whether it’s cold or hot, dress with distinction

Whether you're enjoying the holidays at low temperatures or under a palm tree, you want to continue dressing classy, ​​but we know that not all clothes are just as functional for the different types of weather that we will find from one place to another.

That is why, with some simple fashion tricks according to the weather or considering some clothes that you may have never dared to use, you will find that you can continue being on style regardless of whether you are in Spain or Peru.

For those warm holidays

Before talking about clothes specifically the first thing to know is the colors. It’s not a very difficult trick to learn, dark colors retain much more heat because it reflects less sunlight, while light colors reflect better and therefore don’t absorb as much heat.

If we talk about other latitudes, in the tropic countries there are no seasons but the dry season and the rainy season, and unlike the countries that are in the north which are places where in summer you find a really warm weather and in winter just the opposite, in many places in Latin America, for example, the temperature does not usually go much farther than 20 degrees.

And why the explanation? Because it is common to find in many websites dedicated to fashion that invite men to make combinations of clothing that despite being a good choice in France or Germany, aren’t as much of a good choice in Colombia or Panama.

That’s why it’s usual to find advice on how to avoid short sleeve shirts in European summers, while it is, along with the long sleeve shirt of course, a valid option in Latin America to dress casual or semi-normal for work.

So, let's say you are a businessman who travels to a place in the Caribbean and although you would not say no to a short sleeve you prefer the traditional dress shirt for its good taste, then the trick is to wear lightweight and breathable fabrics like poplin, Oxford and Thread to Thread Thread to Thread.

But in general, no matter where you are or if it’s a hot day, you will find that you should pay more attention to your formal outfit than the casual one, because you can wear slightly more loose clothes, you can wear your dress shirts rolled up and neck unbuttoned or choose shorts instead of pants if you feel a little more daring.

For a snowy Christmas

If you find yourself in cold weathers, one of the first recommendations is to dress in several layers, this will help to insulate the body from the cold, however it’s very important that when choosing the clothes, look for the ones that are the most appropriate, stylish and that keeps you comfortable.

For example, the sleeveless shirt, which for hot days is ideal to prevent sweat from passing through the shirt, also serves to generate the first textile layer to shelter you before a long sleeve shirt, tie and, if you want to release a different look to the of the suit, sweater rather than sack.

Sweater with tie? That is, a style that can become a good formal option for work and is often underestimated despite being practical and comfortable for those cold days.

Among the ideal fabrics that are recommended for cold weathers are the wool and cotton. When choosing a sweater the best quality is cashmere wool, soft and delicate.

But one thing about cold days is that they are very different from the winter itself, a very versatile garment shines and combines equally well if you go for casual or even elegant: the coat.

Regarding material, woolen ones are the best which will protect you from the cold, but if we talk about good dressing, choose the simple cut, that are under the hip and with few details, preferably black, gray, beige or navy blue.

However when we talk about coats we find a great variety for every occasion. Among these is the anorak that is for outdoor activities, a mackinaw for casual encounters, a raincoat for the halftime that can go on casual or formal attire and also find elegant coats, which you can wear with a suit or tuxedo.

Among the accessories to complement that winter look, we find the scarves, not only is a garment whose function is to prevent the heat of the body from escaping through the collar of the shirt or jacket, but also to give you a touch style to your attire. The best are made of natural materials and dark colors.

Look for a design that suits your style and personality, but without reaching very eccentric combinations.