We spoke with @alexismartinm one of the emerging male influencers of the Spanish scene about their tastes, lifestyle and day to day. Lawyer by profession and passionate about fashion, Alexis Martín shows us through instagram his concerns and style.

You can't live without what basic?

- In my wardrobe you can not miss a white shirt and a navy jacket / blazer (with white pocket handkerchief). It is a combination that can never fail.

Favorite item?

- I repeat the above. I would have a good shirt and a good American / blazer

What is your star complement?

- My star complement would be the pocket handkerchief. I no longer wear an American without him, I feel I'm missing something.

Are you following fashion trends or are you guided by your instinct?

- I am informed of the trends, although I always try to adapt them to my style, which I could say tends to be classic, although I like to dare with new things, to give that differentiating touch that the Italians call "sprezzatura". In my opinion, fashion changes, and it is the taste of each one that should guide us above the trends.

An icon of style?

- I do not think I could keep one. I love classics like Cary Grant or Steve McQuen and Carlos from England. I also look closely at two icons of television series such as Don Draper from Mad Men and Harvey Specter from Suits.

A city to live? …and visit?

- As for city to live, I stay with Madrid. Despite having lived in several European cities I have to admit that Madrid is my weakness. A city to visit carefully would be New York.

Favorite food and drink?

- With food I have a problem because I have not found something that I do not like. But I would say that the Italian cuisine and the oriental (in addition to the Mediterranean obviously).
Alcoholic drink: a good rum.

A Movie?

- Origin, by Christopher Nolan.

What music do you listen to? More from Spotify or Itunes?

- I'm totally from Spotify. I listen to all kinds of music, although now I'm getting into Spanish indie music.

A dream?

- Achieve professional success with a balance in family and social life.

Your definition of sporty fashion?

- Comfort without giving up style.

You could describe the experience of buying a Koike shirt (the packaging, the delivery ...)

- The catalog is wide and for all tastes, so discovering each model is a part to enjoy and find the one you feel safe and tempted to dare with something more groundbreaking. Since my order has been online, delivery has been very fast, in 24h i had my purchase home. The packaging is another thing that I valued a lot, since it is presented in a hard, discreet and elegant box that is not always seen in all the online orders we make and that is to be appreciated. Another detail of the packaging that I liked is noticing the perfume when opening the box, that the truth is quite pleasant. Of course, the shirts perfectly folded and with the tape of the brand in each of them is also important. In general, the experience was very satisfactory.

What are your reference stores in Spain? and abroad?

-The truth is that I do not have reference stores to use, since I like to vary depending on the collections and patterns that can fit. I buy many national brands, for example. I'm also embarking on the vintage world, which offers unique pieces. Yes it is true that there are reference stores in the capital that are knowledge bound by their tradition, as it could be Yusty.

As for the foreigner, I would like to visit Drake's and Al Bazaar by Lino Ieluzzi.

What score would you give to the quality of a Koike shirt?

- Quality is one of the factors that surprised me when I could have them in my hand. I would give it a 9, since perfection does not exist. I have to admit that they are the best quality shirts in my closet.

Are you more of light / dark tissues? Shirt stamped or plain woven?

- If it is a dress shirt I prefer light tones and discrete prints like a multi stripe or just striped. Regarding shirts for a more informal context I allow myself more licenses in terms of prints and prints, mainly in autumn / winter, in which the plaid shirts seem perfect for an informal context.

What would be the perfect look for you to go to a work meeting? and weekend?

-For a work meeting I would always wear a suit, navy blue or pinstripe, in straight or crossed cut, white shirt with double fist, tie and pocket handkerchief and black oxford. Of course, the suit must have a good cut, the image to transmit is essential.
For a weekend day I would dress something comfortable and informal, (and that I feel very comfortable with a suit). For example jeans, shirt / shirt and a blazer with sports shoes. Now that it is winter I would put a cardigan or sweater on it.

Do you follow the brand in the RRSS?
- Yes, I follow Koike on social networks. Mainly I'm attentive to Instagram.

"Good taste is not at odds with fashion" ... Do you think this phrase describes Koike products?

- While it is true that there are fashions that do not fit into what might seem like good taste, this is very subjective and what to me may seem very good taste, another can see it completely in the opposite way. That said, I think that Koike shirts combine good taste with fashion, since the designs encompass classic and timeless designs with some more daring that are not extravagant in excess. While it is true that some shirt would not stick with my style and I would not wear it, I know people who would wear that shirt with style.

How do you rate the fittings of the Koike shirts? Necks? Buttons? Tissues?

- The fitting of the shirts was something that worried me in case I had not gotten it right, but when I tried them on they turned out to be perfect and just as I like to have a shirt, so in that sense I can not be happier. One of the Koike shirts I have is a flannel, and the fabric to the touch is fascinating, it does not feel rough or fat, but soft and light without losing the quality of the flannel. When examining the shirts, a detail that I liked was that one of the buttons on the forearm was a flower (very discreet) that makes it different to the rest, as well as its prints on the inside of collar and cuffs. Those details are the ones that make the difference. |