When someone talks about formal clothes your mind usually goes to a suit and a tie, and indeed, the suit is one of the most representative garments for this style, but wait, there are still other options you should be considering for those occasions when it’s necessary to dress with a bit of more elegance than you are used to.

The formal style is immediately associated with occasions like parties, meetings, weddings, interviews and other social events, while casual style is a versatile look that’s almost an off-road.

But also, it’s also a style to go to work, depending of course on the area in which your job is.

The first item to take into consideration is the white dress shirt, practical and elemental in any casual or formal wardrobe, the same happens with blue shirts, they’re elegant and easy to combine.

In the case of trousers, 100% cotton are the first option, years ago were preferred those with tweezers but nowadays the smooth type Chinese are more fashionable. And when it comes to colors, you will find them in a great chromatic scale, that is, before you feel creative remember to first choose a pair in neutral colors. 

Jeans are not portable at formal moments, get yourself a few new dark dress trousers, that will also be appropriate for those semiformal moments. 

And when do I wear suit?

A suit is by far the most formal garment, the advantage is a two piece combination by jacket and trousers. Look always the style of the sack first, depending on your complexion you can look for a slim fit, waist fit, tailored fit, with slightly adjusted waist, or standard with a classic and comfortable design that never goes out of style. You will never fail with a the two-button executive suit ,is one of the most common.

Likewise, there are other types of styles that you should also know, the tailor, tuxedo or jacket that are exclusive for galas and events where you need to dress formal and very elegant. The Mao collar, double button, Italian, English and American cut, including the above are the most popular types of suits nowadays, but before receiving a master class on the differences between each of them, what you need to know is the type of suit that best suits your figure. 

For example if you are thin and tall, the ideal is to play with volume like a pocket bag and flaps, instead if you are thicker best choice is a vertical line design, like a three button suit and light fabric volume. 

Formal Tips

Some of the following tips aren’t exclusive for formal style but they’re generally the best way for a gentlemen,  and should be applied when it’s time to dress for the occasion:

  • Combine shoes and belt with similar shades.
  • Avoid designs with intricate motifs in both suit and shirt.
  • Jackets and blazers go well in a casual style, but in a more formal outfit they’re part of the basic garments that you should always keep in mind. Again, neutral colors and dark ones will be your thing.
  • Always try to go with your clothes neat and well ironed.
  • The best shoes are the thin-tip or rounded instead of the square-tip shoes.
  • When wearing a suit it should generate some contrast with the shirt, avoid using colors that are very similar to each other. Just like the tie should be a darker color than the shirt.
  • Slim lapel suits will give you a more modern look.
  • The cuff of the shirt should protrude slightly from the sack. 

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*All images are from Pinterest