Learn about how Spanish menswear influencer Salvador Godoy finds inspiration

You can't live without what basic?

I could not live without a light blue shirt. For me it's a basic that everyone should have in their closet, because it combines practically everything.

Favorite item in your wardrobe?

The navy blue jacket. It seems to me a garment that, well chosen, favors anyone who uses it and the possibilities are endless.

What is your star complement?

The watch. I love having a watch for every occasion or a multi-purpose one that matches your personal style. It's the article in which  more money is spent, with that I think I say it all.

Are you following fashion trends or are you guided by your instinct?

I think that trends should only be used as a suggestion by the industry, never as basic rules of dress, otherwise we will never define our own style, but we will change as dictated by fashion.

An icon of style?

I like to keep in mind real people with whom I can truly feel identified, not idols totally away from my lifestyle. For that reason it seems to me that a great icon of current style is the blogger Fabio Attanasio, because he has managed to show a polyvalent style, current, careful but very wearable and adequate.

A city to live? …and visit?

London. Every time I go surprises me with something new. One of the mechs of fashion without a doubt, representing both traditional and avant-garde. With an impressive history and culture, but also with a leisure and infinite ways to have fun.

Favorite food and drink?

The fried egg. I could eat fried egg, scrambled, poached, cooked ... every day, morning and evening. And to drink for some time I have learned to taste the virtues of mineral water, which allows me to enjoy food without distortions.


The silence of the lambs, and the whole saga of Hannibal Lecter. I am a faithful follower of everything inspired by the novels of Thomas Harris.

What music do you listen to? More from Spotify or Itunes?

I'm from Spotify, I think I could not live without him. I listen to him at all hours while I work in the office. probably more than 10 hours a day.

My favorite band is R.E.M. but I also listen a lot to Love of Lesbian, Vetusta Morla, Supersubmarina as indie referents. But I also like the classic rock of Dire Straits, Heroes del Silencio or more classic artists like Ludovico Einaudi or Antony and the Johnsons.

A dream?

The dream I am living from the first moment I decided to live what I was passionate about. For me to grow as a professional and be able to offer a better version of me every time would be a dream come true.

Your definition of sporty fashion?

You know? I do not like labels. We spent the day trying to label ourselves maybe to feel that we fit into some specific space. And that goes against nature because each person is totally different from the rest.

I honestly do not know what it is, and I would say that I do not care. XD

Could you describe the experience of buying a Koike shirt (the packaging, the delivery ...)

The presentation fascinated me. Finding this packaging and presence in a collection shirt is surprising, because this is not found in the most handmade shirts we can order in Spain. Surprise

What are your reference stores in Spain? and abroad?

Maybe I'm a strange guy but despite what it may seem, I do not like to go shopping. Not at least the style we're used to. I like to inspire myself and get ideas through social networks, bloggers, books, people that I consider with style and that I like the way they dress. And once I know what I want, I look for it. I do not go shopping to see what I find.

I really like stores like Yusty, Santa Eulalia or Langa. But I also feel very comfortable in stores like Harry's 1982. I like cozy establishments, with a familiar air, however large and sophisticated they may be, but which offer that point of closeness.

Normally abroad I do not usually go shopping, I prefer to enjoy the trip, and if it is for work work. But recently I was surprised by Gutteridge, an Italian brand that is fortunately starting to open stores in Spain. With a style with which I usually identify and a very good quality / price ratio.

What score would you give to the quality of a Koike shirt?

As a collection shirt, for the finishes, details and presentation I would give a 9 out of 10 clearly.

Are you more of light / dark fabrics? Printed shirts or plain woven?

According to shirts, I am more of clear fabrics, and usually more of smooth than prints, but I like very much in the shirts the stripes of all type.

What would be the perfect look for you to go to a work meeting? and weekend?

I usually go to work meetings always with at least a jacket and formal trousers, and almost always with a tie, depending on the situation or the weather, I sometimes do without it. Sometimes a suit but not very formal, because although people do not believe it, there is the informal suit, in cloths such as linen or cotton for Summer and tweed, spikes, donegal for Winter.

Do you follow the brand in the RRSS?

Not long ago, but yes. On Instagram because it is the Social Network that I use most personally. And I have to say that, in general, I really like the projected image.

"Good taste is not at odds with fashion" ... Do you think this phrase describes Koike products?

Yes, it seems to me a good phrase in relation to the brand. And I would add the inverse also "Fashion is not at odds with good taste".

How do you rate the fittings of the Koike shirts? Necks? Buttons? Tissues?

The neck, basic part in a shirt, seems very balanced. Something that in a collection model must be essential, so that it feels good to everyone. The buttons seem different but simple what does not make them flashy but they give a touch of differentiation. The fabric, in this case denim, has a very soft and pleasant touch. I like it.