Are you going o a trip? These 5 gadgets can save you

When traveling, you should always prepare your bags, make reservations at the lodging place, and have the tickets ready for the plane or having the car in optimal conditions if we move on our own.

These are useful recommendations that every traveler should take into consideration before leaving, but these are not all of them, because before you pack away your clothes, cell phone chargers, medicines and everything you will carry with you, don’t forget to pack your gadgets.

These devices that you’ll see next have special importance if you’ve got an adventurous spirit and you wish to travel to the beach or to a mountain.

Portable Battery

It leads all the gadget lists you should have. The current lifestyle keeps more and more people connected to what happens in your city or anywhere in the world, but the star devices to achieve it don’t have the ability to stay on for long days without at least a daily recharge.

With portable batteries you can recharge the battery of your smartphone or tablet once or a couple of times, or even more depending on the level of charge they store. Many brands commercialize this, such as Tecknet, Easyacc, Aukey, Xiaomi or Samsung.

Antenna for extra signal

But sometimes the problem isn’t that your cell runs out of battery, but that you’re in places where there’s no signal and you need to communicate.

With GoTenna you can send text messages or use the GPS of your cell phone even in areas where there is no signal. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices and can cover a distance of 80 km depending on the place

Water purifying filter

Everyone who loves hiking knows that you need to be well prepared before going on a wild adventure. You must have a good equipment, adequate clothing, tent if you go camping, and among those, the vital liquid.

But you cannot take with you a dozen bottles to hydrate you, so if you're counting on the water present in nature like a river, you must have a LifeStraw.

It’s a filter that works as a straw which has a special fiber that filters the particles of any water source, as well as 99% of the microbes that could be present in them.

Emergency Tools

Flashlight, emergency flash, safety belt cutter, glass breaker and even tire pressure gauge are 5 of the 9 tools that brings the BodyGard Elite 9-in-1.

Because not all gadgets can be useful in emergency situations, exclusively for camping, this tool is meant to carry in cars when traveling by road.

Paracord Survival Bracelet

One of the main things that anyone should take to any nature excursion is a rope. Knots, moorings, attaching objects, fixing them to a place, the utilities are many and with the Paracord bracelet you can carry up to 3 meters of rope comfortably on your forearm.

They have a high resistance and durability, and demonstrate that there are basic objects that cannot be missing on your next trip, and they’re not precisely devices of the latest technology