L-iconearning to choose the right shirt for the occasion is an art learned with practice, and this skill can only be developed if you dare to have more than a pair of favorite shirts, which are always in the first place in your wardrobe, and you give a chance to those styles that you overlook.





"When it comes to shirts, in the small details is where the distinction is found."

Perhaps you have heard that men's clothing is always the same, and the truth is that it is not, and much less when it comes to shirts, because it is in the small details where the distinction is found.

Do not get scared if you don’t notice the difference between an English collar shirt or an Italian collar or if you don’t know that small but important protocol of how much to button up your shirt depending on the occasion, because with these tips you will begin to train that sense of style and good taste you’ve got.



When you are invited to an occasion where elegance should outstand, such as a wedding for example, the first thing you should think about is the shirt you will wear, which is usual when it has a light color, of a traditional English collar and without prints or Pockets, so you can combine it with a tie and a vest in darker shades.


If you prefer to try a bow tie instead of a normal tie, a shirt with cutaway type of neck is the perfect option, and although the buttons on the wristband are accepted, one with eyelets that let you use twins will give you a perfect touch even for a gala event.


It’s normal to be confused with elegant and formal style, but to differentiate both styles you must remember that the first one refers to occasions not often found on your daily agenda, such as a wedding celebration or a special event like an award ceremony. 

But in the case of a formal style, this can be your weekly outfit if your job requires it. Not because it’s the safest option you have to stop naming the typical white shirt, if it’s going to be that clothing piece of your wardrobe that never fails, you’ll want it with a quality fabric like oxford and if you want a detail along with the male trend, the cutaway neck is your thing.


Half way between casual and formal style, let's talk about something you don’t usually wear to the office but doesn’t stop being sophisticated, like in a corporate or institutional event of the day in which you can wear a shirt of pastel shades or with a subtle print without the need of a tie.


Here your options are expanded in an exponential way and you’ll be able to define your own style, is characterized by being relaxed and comfortable but still offering a stylish look.

There are many types of shirts to choose from, and there’s also a special emphasis on prints and stripes, you can even combine both options in a shirt for a casual and classy look.

The way you wear a shirt is also important, with dressing pants your shirt should never go outside, but if you go with denim pants, a shirt out, rolled up sleeves to the forearm and neck without buttoning is a winning option.