Men's fashion has always been there, but talking about it today is easier to recognize that over time has been given the importance it deserves, and many men are increasingly interested in knowing more about dressing well, not only do they look for information about the basic garments, but also for the accessories they can wear on their outfits.

So, here are some recommendations to keep up in mind and to add on your clothes according to your style and personality:

The bow tie is the accessory to be worn on special occasions in a tuxedo or fro, for evening events. For those occasions you can use the self-tie type or you can tie it yourself, in black or dark colors according to the protocol.

However now it’s common to see casual and sophisticated looks, sport pants and shirt accompanied with a bow tie, which can be colored or stamped to match with another complement such as the handkerchief for a touch of elegance.

The tie has always been the star complement for men, it plays an important role in formal looks with sober appearance, but also has become more versatile for when you want to dress casual or semiformal without leaving aside the elegance, with more varied patterns.

You will also find them woven in wool for when you want to forget the rules and wear an alternative look, accompanied by a high quality shirt

The tie can also be accompanied by a pin or a tie clip, which is an accessory that ties the tie to the shirt so it doesn’t bother with wind or movement. It’s used to decorate the suit, but preferably it’s necessary to use those that are simple and little ornamented.

Cufflinks are one of those accessories that will give a touch of distinction and a good look to a shirt with French fist, that is to say; with buttonholes in the cuffs. 

Cufflinks are best used on gala occasions or social events with protocol such as a graduation or a symphonic concert.

The handkerchief is an accessory you have to choose very carefully, because more than class, it gives personality to your style. Among the handkerchiefs you will find a variety of prints, stripes or smooth. It’s a good idea to combine them with a tie or bow tie and can be used to generate contrast with the suit. 

The belt is one of the most valuable accessories in men's attire because it provides a practical and aesthetic functioning, so when choosing a belt, try to fit it into your style. A black leather belt and a light-colored belt shouldn’t be missing in your closet.

When choosing a belt take into consideration the buckle, try not to use those that are very large or with logo designs, prefer the classics which always combine well with any outfit. 

The scarf is an indispensable accessory for winter, besides giving you protection from the cold, it will also give a special touch to your look. When choosing a scarf think about their colors, prints and the thickness of the fabric so it goes according to the style of clothing you wear. But you can also choose one in a different color to generate contrast. 

Hats and berets are undoubtedly a choice for when you want to give an extra elegance or a retro touch to your outfit, a fedora is usual for formal moments but also for casual occasions if you wear a blazer with it, giving you the option to combine them in color. 

The berets fit well around fall and winter, combined with a similarly shaped sweater, and just like the hat it can also be worn many times, not just for weekend outings. 

Straps are worn with pants with no belt loops, they weren’t used to be shown before but the trend now is to use it in semiformal casual looks in which you can combine colors and designs with other elements on your outfit, which can be shoes, bow tie or tie. 

A watch is a functional accessory, combine it with your outfit, metal straps look great with formal clothes, but you can also combine leather with a color similar to your belt or your shoes, also for casual occasions. If you are going to wear rubber or silicone watches make it look sportier. 

Men’s jewelry are ideal accessories to give a touch of elegance and style the current man. If you want to wear a ring, choose one that is simple and pure, but usually you will first opt ​​for the wedding ring or the graduation ring. Among other jewelry we find bracelets and chains, if you want to add to your outfit these accessories, definitely be minimalist and sober pieces, and only if you are not using other accessories.

Sunglasses, an essential accessory to complete your look on sunny days. The glasses style will depend on the shape of your face and the outfit you wear at the moment. 

Bag or portfolio, important when it comes to going out, as they are truly practical to carry documents or belongings. You can choose from a great variety that exists in the market, according to your style and occasion. 

Preferably the first ones for sport or casual looks with polo shirts, and the second for formal moments, going to work or when you wear casual outfits with a dress shirt. 

So remember that you can use the accessories and complements you feel are best with your style, but choose to wear two at a time so that your outfit doesn’t look overloaded.