Basic keys and tips that will make you look stylish

The world of fashion has created its own language to describe all those dressing creations that can sometimes sound complicated for some people and even for those who like to look stylish in any occasion.

A selection of terms which are often found in women's fashion: tulle lace with rhinestones... Oriental-inspired dress with trumpet-like silhouette and decorated with ... And although the male fashion don’t usually have such crazy descriptions, it doesn’t mean that this does not have its own technical language.

But you don’t have to master all those terms you don’t know, although it is necessary for tailors and designers to know. The important thing is that you know the basic keys and tips that will make you look stylish on any occasion.

Clothing of your size 

Before going to the latest fashion trends and wearing the clothes that are in vogue, you must first know how to dress well, and one of the basic rules is to always try to wear clothes that fit you properly. It can’t be neither tight like it seems that you can barely move or as loose as if it were a costume.


There are a lot of tricks for matching your outfit with your shoes, two of them are to combine the color of the shoes with the belt for casual occasions where you go with jeans or chinese pants, or shoes that match your tie in the case of formal events.

The easiest shoes to match are dark or neutral colors, a pair of black dress shoes are a must in any men's wardrobe, but you should also have a pair of beige, brown, or camel toned shoes. It’s better if you have a pair of suede shoes to play with the textures.

And of course, a pair of sneakers, here you have more color options that you can combine with your shirt for casual or casual occasions, white ones match well with denim pants, but it’s allowed to be more creative: lines, two colors, dark with clear sole.


As for shirts you must fill the basic list first before daring you with seasonal styles:

White shirt: matches with everything and is one of the first options for formal dress.

Blue shirt: it’s an easy color to wear with other colors.

Denim shirt: they’re great for a casual look.

Striped shirt: Timeless, the thickness of the line determines the occasion of the shirt, thin for formal looks or thick for something more casual.

Squared shirt: a fashion classic for its practicality, whether closed or rolled up they can combine well with many styles.


Telling you that you need a pair of good quality jeans is a no-brainer, because it’s very likely that you already own one. Remember to have a pair, the traditional blue jean and a black one.

Cotton like Chinese pants are also basic for a casual look, you can be a little more creative with the selection of colors, olive, garnet or gray because they look good in casual or semiformal looks, but don’t stop choosing one with light tones first such as khakis.


For every formal occasion you need a good suit, and those navy blue ones or dark gray ones are easy to combine. Attention with the size, it shouldn’t be too loose but just enough to move with ease and give you a good profile.

Other tips to have in mind: 

  • The sack shouldn’t be wider than your back.
  • The shirt should be lighter than the color of the suit.
  • Tie always darker than the shirt.
  • The boot of the pants must be straight.
  • The thin flaps of the bag give a more fashionable look.
  • Don’t button the last button on the bag.
  • The shirt sleeves should be seen from the suit.


*All images posted are from Pinterest