A Brand with history

Koike Barcelona was founded in the late 90s in the city of Barcelona.

Following a long family tradition which has seen four generations working in the fashion world, Koike is creating its own shirt brand.

The result: a range featuring totally unique fabrics and contemporary designs. Comfort, authenticity, expressiveness and elegance are represented in every shirt. Putting our personal stamp to the details.

Koike Escayola

The creative mind and founder behind the brand.

The quality of a shirt is determined by its composition, cut and finish. Koike Barcelona ensures the best quality in every part of the creation process, using outstanding fabrics and working with the best team throughout development. A legacy made up of suppliers and clients, all sharing the same passion. The art of expertly creating shirts.

Koike Barcelona brings together the perfect blend of practicality and a style which transcends trends. Designed to be relevant, current and bring freshness - always.

A 100% custom-made, thread dyed fabric with a variety of prints is the insignia of Koike Barcelona. From Barcelona itself we search for and implement new processes in the field of pattern printing, ​​with the collaboration of local artisans.

Koike collaborates on each part of the creative and production process, monitoring and supervising all stages, to ensure the best quality.

Made In
Koike Barcelona was established in the city of Barcelona by its founder, Koike Escayola. A cosmopolitan, dynamic city with many cultural and artistic influences, throughout its history Barcelona has played home to great artists from many fields, as reflected in its architecture, sculptures, painting, music and avant-garde gastronomy.

Koike Barcelona takes its inspiration from this creativity to design shirts with a Mediterranean identity reflected in their fabrics, colours, richness of prints and modern cut.