Sharing moments that come with summer season are always accompanied by the gastronomy of the holiday, the recipes vary from one country to another but what they usually have in common is the presence of many desserts to which more than one of us have repeated at mealtime. 

So if we want to lose that Summer excess without the need of a new membership at the gym that you’ll be going to hardly use it once or twice, then you can develop an exercise routine and different workouts that this fitness applications suggest and that we can download on our Smartphone in an easy way.    

Sworkit Lite (Android, iOS)

Sworkit Lite (Android, iOS) it’s an application you can use to train with different types of exercises from the comfort of your home, basically it’s your personal trainer of every routine. You select the parts of your body that you want to work on, such as torso, abs, buttocks, back or legs.

 You can also choose between different types of training whether it is stretching, yoga sessions, strength workouts or even Pilates. The exercises are performed by a trainer that will be showing you the routine on the screen so you can see how to do them right.

This app is a good option to those who wish to exercise at anytime of the day and it also allows you to personalize a routine that best suits you. The free version is quite complete but if you want to access other features you can download the Premium version.

Fitstar (Android, iOS)

Fitstar it’s an application that creates personalized workouts for you depending on your fitness level. It starts with the easiest exercises to continue with the most stressful ones.

This app is characterized by constantly adding different routines so you don’t get bored of the same exercises

Strava cycling (Android, iOS)

This is the ideal app for cycling lovers who like to ride the cycle routes or choose going outdoors in wilder areas. The app registers your time, distance, pace and amount of calories burned and gives you a performance comparison of previous attempts.

Strava is very particular because it’s also a social network designed for cyclists in which new routes, stories and motivational activities are shared, all clearly related to this sporting world.
It's similar to a digital cycling club where you can share your location in real time through an interactive map in which are the popular segments where you can compete to try and get the best time between users of the application that have already taken the same route.

It’s also compatible if you are going to take a run. The application is free but it has access to other extra options with the Premium version.

Push Up Workout (Android)

An exercise app using different types of push-ups not only helps you count the number of repetitions performed with its proximity sensor but also calculates the calories that are burned while doing it.

Depending on age and body condition, a six-level training plan with different types of push-ups is configured. At each level the application evaluates the state of your body to ensure that the plan is personalized.

7 minute workout- HIIT (Android, iOS)

 If you don’t have enough time to exercise, 7 minute workout-HIT is right for you, but don’t get too relaxed because it will be the most intense training minutes you’ll ever had. It consists of 12 exercises of high performance that you can do where you want without having near machines or dumbbells. It has a voice coach so you don’t have to be constantly watching the phone screen, and also has prizes and achievements to keep you motivated, as well as videos with instructions for all exercises.