All colors have different meanings that the human being has historically associated them with the feelings they arouse and the values reflected, and in the case of blue: nobility, intelligence, loyalty and wisdom are their most representative characteristics.

Since we were little, blue is the color assigned to masculinity, and although it’s timeless and appropriate to many different occasions, there are seasons like this in which one or more of its tonalities becomes popular.

And for you, who isn’t looking forward to dress just like the others, and neither do you want to let pass the trends that will make you stand out with a trendy look, blue is the right color to become in one of your favorites when it comes to combining a new look.

Because if we speak about combinations, blue does almost everything, and due to its cool tone, it can create interesting looks with warm colors such as brown, yellow and even red and its different varieties.

In fact, and getting into the subject of garments, if a white shirt is often considered a basic and essential item in a gentleman’s wardrobe, then the following items should be a couple of blue shirts, a dark one and a light one, and a navy blue jacket, which is ideal for all kinds of casual occasions.

"Blue does combine almost with everything, and due to its cool tone, it can create interesting looks with warm colors" 




Blue is the name which covers a wide range of shades: indigo, light blue, cerulean, and an even longer list if you decide to add up the appropriate fashion descriptions. If you’re familiar with them, perfect. If not, don’t worry about not being able to know the difference between navy blue and indigo, you’ll still be able to choose a perfect, stylish outfit. 

There are some fabrics whose base color is blue like the chambray, even if you find them dyed in every shade imaginable, blue is and has always been the safest option to combine with almost anything, or how do you think jeans came to have the popularity they have in almost every part of the world?

A shirt with an indigo shade made of chambray  is not only lighter than denim which resembles in appearance, but it can also be used for a relaxed and informal occasion or even a normal friday in the office if you combine them with a pair of chinese khaki pants.

shirt-man-denim-formal casual-menswear-shirt


Do not hesitate, with a selection of shades well thought out, of course. Imagine a semiformal occasion like a lunch to talk about business in confidence with a possible partner.

For that moment, we choose a navy blue suit, very elegant you will say, but remember that everything depends on how you style it, and in this case you will forget about the tie to leave the jacket alone, preferably american type, without buttoning or at the most with just a button. 

As for the shirt, you can choose a Shirt light blue for suit with an unbuttoned neck. A matching handkerchief that’ll be hardly seen from the pocket of the jacket is the optional detail you might want to try in front of the mirror. And if the occasion is more casual, change the dress pants for a pair of jeans.